We help doctors get more out of their medical reading in less time so they can focus on delivering great care.

Organize all your articles in one place. Read them anywhere.

Keeping track of hundreds of articles from multiple journals is overwhelming.

Quiqnote manages all your PDFs in a single, searchable, shareable library—secure in the cloud, accessible on any device, no syncing necessary.


Highlight what matters to build your clinical knowledge base.

You don’t need to remember every word that you read.

Quiqnote helps you capture highlights, images and notes as you read. You’ll remember more and streamline access to your essential clinical content without having to wade through entire articles.


Find exactly what you need fast—whether it’s a highlight, note or article.

Quiqnote’s intuitive search and powerful tagging offer instant access to everything in your library.

Search just your highlights and notes to quickly access the essentials; if you need more context, jump directly to the relevant part of a full article with a single click.


Collaborate effortlessly with your colleagues and beyond.

Share your libraries with a group, or run virtual journal clubs with assignments, discussions, and presentations managed in a searchable, collaborative learning space.

And when it’s time to publish, export your annotations to Word with AMA citations.


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Enterprise Solutions Available

Interested in transforming medical reading in your healthcare community?
Quiqnote has plans for organizations of all sizes.

What’s included

  • Unlimited storage

  • Personal digital libraries

  • Institutional shared libraries

  • Private journal clubs

  • SSO authentication

  • Top-tier training and support

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